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Dr. Mustafa Abu Al-Saad visit to the YBC

* Dr. Mustafa Abu Al-Saad visit to the YBC

Dr. Mustafa will be visiting the YBC from the 6-10 November 2010, delivering lectures and consultations on Family Stability. Part of the visit will be a motivational session for our National Team competing in Gulf 20th tournament. He will be delivering lectures in Taiz and at the end of the visit he will handle a workshop and training in Manarat School, Sana'a. His visit is sponsored by YBC, Natco Pharma and Al-Ghazali for Trade and Medicines.


* Algerian  Ambassador to Yemen visit

His Excellency the Algerian Ambassador made a visit to the YBC on Tuesday 2nd of November 2010 Asr time. He met with Mr. Ahmed Bazara, the Chairman, Prof. Dawood , the BoD advisor, and Mr. Ali Al-Azaki, the Executive Director. His Excellency the ambassador stated that there is an Algerian businessmen delegation visiting Yemen during 8-13 November 2010 and would like them to meet with the YBC members. Date and venue will be set at a later notice and the members will be informed after that.


* non-residential Mexican Ambassador to Yemen visit

As part of the biweekly program for the members His Excellency the Mexican Ambassador made a visit to the YBC on Tuesday 2nd of November 2010, in a night get-together session with the members. He highlighted the possible venues of cooperation with the Yemeni Businessmen and at the end of the session he answered the YBC members' questions.


* Meeting with a Turkish Businessmen (TUSKON)

In Monday the  25th October 2010 the YBC members met with a delegation of Turkish businessmen, members of Tuskon association. A presentation of the Turkish offerings was delivered and after that both sides met and discussed the possible business between the two parties.


* Yemen accession to the WTO

Under the auspices of his Excellency Dr. Yahya Bin Yahya Al-Mutawakel – Minister of Industry and Trade, the YBC organized a workshop attended by the WTO senior representative and the YBC members. The WTO representative presented information on the accession process and his Excellency the minster spoke on the status of the Yemeni accession. At the end of the workshop questions posed by the YBC member were answered.

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